with Nancy Moser, Judith Miller, and Stephanie Whitson

                                                                     A PATCHWORK CHRISTMAS:






In late Victorian-era America, women married for convenience as often
delightful it is that God surprises three young women with
second-chance love just in time for the holidays.

*  SEAMS LIKE LOVE by Judith Miller:  Betrayed by the man she
thought God had designed for her, a resident of the Amana Colonies
packs away her wedding quilts as well as any plans for marriage. But
God has other plans.

*  A PATCHWORK LOVE by Stephanie Grace Whitson:  A young
widow is headed west to marry a prosperous businessman she barely
knows in order to give her daughter a better life when a snowstorm
strands them in the middle of nowhere.

*  THE BRIDAL QULT by Nancy Moser:  A wealthy ingénue--the toast
of New York--inadvertently causes grave injury to a man who saves a
street orphan from her carriage. But then she discovers he's a man
from her past...

Surprised by the possibility of love, each woman must search her
heart, change her plans, make a decision, and patch together a
tender, unexpected life filled with love.
A 3-in-1 collection of Civil War Christmas novellas inspired by the true
story of the Basket Brigade women of Decatur, Illinois. . . .

A Pinch of Love by Judith Miller: Sarah McHenry is drawn to Jacob
Curtis, but can he control his jealousy over her care for other soldiers.

A Stitch in Time by Stephanie Grace Whitson: Lucy Maddox wins the
attention of a handsome private. . .but his intentions don’t seem noble
to Silas Tait, who has loved Lucy secretly for years.

Endless Melody by Nancy Moser: Word of Zona Evans’s musical
ministrations reaches her long-lost love, Dr. Cardiff Kensington. Can
love blossom after years apart?