JOHN 3:16


                                                           THE GOOD NEARBY



Patti McCoy is on trial for killing her boyfriend, Brett Lerner, a maitre d’
at the restaurant where Patti worked. Or was she simply in the wrong
place at the wrong time?

It’s up to members of the jury to decide. Among the twelve, there’s
Ken, a has-been golf pro; Abigail, a once-famous actress way past her
prime; Bobby, a financially struggling family man; and Deirdre, the
socialite wife of a prominent doctor. All have prejudices that taint how
they view justice. What they don’t know is that more than one life
hangs on their decision…

During the trial, Patti McCoy isn’t the only one who has to deal with
innocence and guilt.

Or judgment.
Five people looking for a reason to keep living are about to find it in
the last place they expected.

After the loss of his wife, Roman Paulson's life revolves around his
son Billy. As a football hero at the University of Nebraska, Billy has a
promising life ahead of him. As Billy's coach begins encroaching on
Roman's relationship with his son—especially when he brings God
into Billy's life—Roman starts to fear he'll lose Billy forever. Nothing
could prepare Roman for what is about to happen.

Roman isn't the only one whose life has been turned upside down.
He's one of five people whose lives are about to intersect on a bright,
fall day, when one of them will hold up a sign at a football game with a
short message: John 3:16.

This simple act of faith will have the power to change lives forever.
Sometimes good things are closer than you think.

In a small town it can be hard to imagine your life will ever amount to

Meet Gigi. Abandoned by her parents, she’s a little girl with nothing
to hold on to but the memory of her grandmother’s love and the belief
that someday she’ll have the chance to do something important.

Meet the patrons of Neighbor’s Drugstore. From the clerk who’s
desperately trying to turn her life around, to the lonely empty nester
who wants the freedom to make her own decisions, to the high-
powered lawyer with a deep secret—they’re all just trying to survive
another day.

Yet the key to a rich, fulfilled life is closer than they think, if only they
will open their eyes and hearts to the good nearby.