The Pattern Artist Series





Read how Annie's story began....Born into a life of hard work,
English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with
her wealthy mistress.

Wide-eyed with the possibilities America has to offer, Annie wonders if
there’s more for her than a life of service. Annie chooses to risk
everything, taps into courage she never knew she had, and goes off
on her own, finding employment in the sewing department at Macy’s.

While at Macy’s Annie catches the eye of a salesman at the Butterick
Pattern Company.

Through determination, hard work, and God’s leading, Annie
discovers a hidden gift: she is a talented fashion designer—a pattern
artist of the highest degree.

As she runs from ghosts of the past and focuses on the future, Annie
enters a creative world that takes her to the fashion houses of Paris
and into a life of adventure, purpose, and love.
                         1912 New York City

Annie Wood, the housemaid-turned-pattern designer
The Pattern Artist, jumps at the chance to design
her own clothing line when a wealthy New York
couple offer to finance her endeavor. Joining the
project is Annie’s new husband, Sean Culver, her best
friend at Butterick, Maude Nascato, and a mother
figure, Edna Holmquist.

Annie and her colleagues give up their careers, risking
everything to follow a shared passion: clothes that are
both fashionable and functional for modern, busy
women in 1912.

Personal and financial setbacks threaten to keep the
business from ever selling a single dress and test old
relationships and new romances. No one said it would
be easy. But the promise of the American Dream
holds a deep hope for those who work hard, trust
God, and never give up.