MOZART'S SISTER: Book #1:
                                     A BIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL ABOUT NANNERL MOZART


                                                            JUST JANE: Book #2:
                                           A BIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL ABOUT JANE AUSTEN






                                            HOW DO I LOVE THEE?: BOOK #4
Nancy Moser brings to life the loves and trials of the first First Lady
of the United States.

When a dapper, young George Washington comes into her life,
Martha Custis is a young widow with two young children. Their love
and loyalty toward each other—and the new nation they fight for,
lasts a lifetime and is an inspiration even now, after 250 years.

Washington’s Lady was a Christy Awards finalist.
Nannerl Mozart was just as talented as her little brother, Wolfgang,
but because she was a woman…

As children, Nannerl Mozart and her younger brother, Wolfgang,
performed before the crowned heads of Europe. But behind the
glamour lurked dark difficulties—the hardship of travel, agonizing
bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money. Their father,
Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son’s genius to the attention
of the world.

But what about Nannerl? Was she not just as talented? In a time
where women’s choices are limited, what hope did she have of ever
realizing her own dreams?

Share Nannerl’s journey as she discovers her unique purpose.
In this moving and authentic portrayal, Christy Award-winning
author Nancy Moser transports readers back to the life and times
of one of the literary world's beloved heroines, Jane Austen.

Growing up in a clergyman's home gives Jane opportunities to
observe human nature at its best—and worst. Vivid and delightful
characters pour from her pen—Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam
Darcy, Emma Woodhouse, Fanny Price, John Willoughby. . . .

Jane dreams of publishing her stories and sharing them with the
world, but how can she? She's just Jane from Steventon. Will
anyone ever read her novels?
clandestine meetings, a secret marriage, an escape to Italy, the birth
of a child, and happily ever after.

So plays out the odd but mesmerizing life of poet Elizabeth Barrett
Browning. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. . . .

Christy Award winning author Nancy Moser has crafted a romantic,
emotion-charged novel based on the true story of beloved poet
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

As a bonus, the novel includes the entire Sonnets from the
Portuguese—Elizabeth’s love sonnets to Robert Browning.