New Releases!
three kids. Now that they are grown and we have seven grandchildren, I thought
it was time to dig out my old ideas, pick up the pen and publish and illustrate
some children's books.  "Maybe Later" is the first book. Others will follow!

A bonus when you purchase the book (either Kindle or print version) I will show
you a way to get some black and white pages to color!  Such fun.

"Maybe Later" is the story of a little girl who visits all the members of her family,
only to be told "maybe later." Finally, she has enough and gets the adults to
see the error of their ways. Family is important--make time for each other!
Here are a few
examples of the
pages inside!
Just in time for Christmas . . . I've written another novella anthology with my good
friends, Stephanie Grace Whitson and Judith Miller.

If you enjoy using a needle and thread, and like historical stories of romance, and
love Christmas (of course you do!) you'll enjoy this book.

BYW, my story, "Pin's Promise" is a prequel to my novels, "The Pattern Artist" and
"The Fashion Designer." The story details how the young Annie Wood first got
her start as a maid at Crompton Hall.  Enjoy!
"The Fashion Designer" is the sequel to "The Pattern Artist" (though you don't have
to read the first to read the second--but you'll want to!)  Annie and her friends start
designing clothes in 1912 New York City. To go from maid to fashion designer is a
testament to Annie's skill. It's an example of the American dream.