Stand up for what is right, no matter the cost.

In 1868, Justine Braden’s grandmother charged her with the task
of standing up for what was right—no matter the cost. As a child of
ten. Justine didn’t understand what Granny meant. Now, ten years
later, Justine leads a frivolous life as a New York socialite. She
doesn’t have to deal with issues of right and wrong. Or sacrifice.

Not yet.

For unbeknownst to Justine, generations of the women of her
family share a secret that is revealed to them when they are
twenty. They can travel through time. Such a gift presents them
with a great purpose, one that is far beyond their imagining.

The gift is given, but it can be declined. Or ignored. Or embraced.
If a woman is strong enough, brave enough, and noble enough,
the gift will facilitate justice and change many lives for the better.

Join Justine on her journey from a fickle girl into a woman of great
purpose and potential.
1879: Justine and her family move from New Hampshire to Lawrence,
Kansas to be near her fiance's family.

Will Justine be called upon to use her special gift of time travel in this
new town?

The answer is yes.

Justine travels into the past to unravel the mysteries of more than one
family who have been the victim of oppressive wickedness. Yet the
evil still lives and threatens to stop her.

But God's justice prevails. Good conquers evil. And lives revel in their
newfound freedom.