Every woman brings something special to the sisterhood. Only our awesome God could create us to be so
    distinctively unique. You (yes, you!) are a one-of-a-kind creation with a one-of-a-kind purpose. Instead of
    saying, “No, not me!” (in humility or even rebellion) grab something munchy and celebrate. You, dear sister,
    are special!

    Yet as distinct and unique as we are, we share similar needs and struggles as we cope with what life drops
    on our doorstep (and that includes dealing with the morning news). Life, by its very nature, is diverse and
    requires a different approach at different times. It’s kind of like shoes . . . you wouldn’t wear stilettos to
    play tennis, would you? But let’s face it, certain sisters are better at certain types of situations than others.
    Why is that? Because God made us this way.

    If you will bring everything you are and surrender it to Him, He will take everything you are and make it
    better—no plastic surgery, diet, or exercise required.

    God has given us talents and abilities to do certain things well. He has also equipped us with personality traits
    that compliment those abilities. The passage in Romans 12:6-8 (below) highlights seven of the gifts God has so
    graciously handed out. As you continue to learn about these gifts in the Handbook, you will come to know
    yourself better—the you God created you to be. With that accomplished, you will see how you and your gifts
    can be best used to keep your Sister Circle balanced.

                                                                                                   • • •

                                                                                           God’s Word Says:

                                                                           “God has given us different gifts
                                                                               for doing certain things well.
                                                   So if God has given you the ability to prophesy,
                                                              speak out with as much faith as God has given you.
                                                                   If your gift is serving others, serve them well.
                                                                           If you are a teacher, teach well.
                                                           If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging.
                                                                             If it is giving, give generously.
                                                                   If God has given you leadership ability,
                                                                           take the responsibility seriously.
                                                           And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others,
                                                                                           do it gladly.
                                                                                           Romans 12:6-8

    A perceiver, server, teacher, motivator, giver, administrator, and empathizer . . . That’s quite a list.
    Which one are you?

    Because everyone likes personality quizzes, we’ve created a short quiz to help pinpoint your gifts.
    Go through the questions and choose your best answer.

    1. If you received a gift of $100, how would you use it?
    a.        Put it in my savings for my dream trip
    b.        Buy supplies to make my family a gourmet dinner
    c.        Buy books  
    d.        Use it have a party for my friends
    e.        Give it to my favorite charity
    f.        Save it
    g.        Take a friend out to lunch

    2. The house needs cleaning. What job would you do?
    a.        Choose to clean a room all by myself so I could be alone
    b.        Offer to clean the bathroom because I know no one else wants to do it
    c.        Show my friends the best way to paste wax the dining room table
    d.        Put on my favorite music and get everyone to dance while they cleaned
    e.        Bring over donuts and Starbucks for everyone
    f.        Make a list of to-dos and make assignments
    g.        Pinch-hit, helping whoever needs help or gets weary (continued)

                                                      Copyright 2017 Nancy Moser & Brenda Josee

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