Let us help you plan your women's event !

Enjoy a day of self-discovery that will energize and empower,  
as you realize the potential of your God-given gifts.

“The greatest fear is not that you will fail,
but that you will succeed in doing the wrong thing.”
Howard Hendricks

Session #1:  Discover YOUR POTENTIAL
Identify the gifts God has given you.  
Learn how your abilities complement those around you
and how your combined strengths can make a powerful impact.

Session #2:  Pinpoint YOUR PURPOSE
Utilize your God-Given gifts to set in motion your unique purpose.
Find the exciting promise of a faith-filled life.

Session #3:  Recognize HIS PLAN
Discover how God gives you direction. Learn to listen to His instructions,
and become all you were meant to be.
NANCY MOSER  lives in Kansas City with her husband,
three married children, and seven grandkids. She’s an award-
winning author of twenty-nine novels. Her genres include
both contemporary and historical stories about people
discovering their unique purpose. She kills all her
houseplants, and can wire an electrical fixture without getting
shocked. She is a fan of anything antique—humans included.  
See Nancy’s website at
Author Blog: Author & Grandma Extraordinaire
History Blog: Footnotes from History
BRENDA JOSEE  lives in California with her husband, a
married son, and two grandchildren.  She has been active in
Christian Publishing for 30 years, and is currently a literary
consultant.  She was editor-in-chief of Tapestry magazine, and
has worked with Max Lucado, Kay Arthur, and Bill and
Vonette Bright. She likes directing other people’s lives, and
gardening—but who wouldn’t in Southern California?
Bits from Brenda


The format can be a Friday evening and Saturday, or a one-day program.  
We have three one-hour sessions of solid teaching
and interact with attendees at breaks and mealtimes.

Book an event or get more information:
Nancy Moser:   bookmoser@gmail.com    (913) 608-5158
Brenda Josee:    
bjosee396@gmail.com     (619) 507-4655
God's Gifts Workshop
Your Potential * Your Purpose * His Plan